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Residential Services

(Prices effective 1/1/2008) 


Onsite technician….                                     $75/hr


Monthly Maintenance Plan….                              $50/mo

Includes a monthly scheduled visit and one hour of service, ensuring that your system is up to date and free of viruses, spyware, and other pests. Additional computers billed at $25 each, including ½ hour of service. Additional time billed at $75/hr (Based on a 6/12 month Contract)



Offsite Computer Services


System Reload and Data Recovery*                 $250 flat fee


System Reload- Includes reload of Operating System using factory CDs/partition or customer provided OS CDs, installation of a reasonable amount of software using customer provided CDs, all OS security updates, antivirus updates, installation of spyware, adware, hijack scanners, and other crucial software updates, pick up, drop off, reconnect of system.


Data Recovery- Includes recovery of all user specified data (up to 10GB) and other user data found in the recovery process, antivirus and spyware scan of all data. Data burned to CDs or DVDs and returned to customer. Includes pick up and drop off.


Data Recovery Only*….                            $150 flat fee


Additional Offsite services….                           $40/hr


*Additional costs may apply under certain circumstances, including, but not limited to, excessive software to be reloaded or excessive data to be recovered. Travel charges may apply. Includes up to fifteen minutes onsite.